Concert blog


H everyone!


Now 2018 has begun it's fresh and ready for some new concert experiences through the year 🙂

I'm looking forward to attend the gigs I have planned and hopefully having a great time. 


Happy New Year to all 🙂


Hi guys!


Christmas is coming and for me it's not really christmas before I have attended the gigs in Slagelse Musikhus and Portalen, Greve every year. These gigs ha become a tradition for me to attend it's here christmas is beginning for me.

Johnny Logan likes to play both in Slagelse and Portalen because the atmosphere is amazing and that so many fans are attending from almost every where which makes it even more fantastic. The funny thing is also that many of the fans knows each other very much and hoping to meet up at some at the concerts through the year. 

I really like being a fan and meeting with other fans to share our passion for Mr. Logan.

There will be more experiences with Johnny in 2018 until now I'm attending 3 concerts 🙂


Have a fabulous day!